Team Training

Coaches can put together a training schedule to give each player, but how do they know the players are performing the required exercises correctly? Simple. They can improve their skills as well as learning to play as a team when they train together.

Here at Explosion Fitness, we have been training teams for years with great results. In 2013, the Loveland High School football team were Division II State Champs. We're not saying it was because of our training, but we know it helped. 

We can put together training camps for your team along with year-round training to get your players into shape and keep improving their skill levels. Our goal is for each athlete to reach their sports potential. 

Group, Team, and Club rates are available to help lower the cost of training. Prices are based on the number of athletes and sessions. Call us today at 870-0203 or 234-0787 for details.