Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training

Peak performance is the goal for all athletes. With explosive training and hard work, Explosion will help athletes be as strong and fast as possible while attaining their highest level in their chosen sport.

Here at Explosion Fitness Solutions, we begin the speed and agility training and strength training process with an assessment of athletic skills. We then go to the pyramid (see illustration) and begin building the foundation of Athletic Strength. As the pyramid shows, each level is built on the prior level. An athlete missing any level will be predisposed to injury and will struggle to discover their true athletic potential. Failing to develop all levels of the pyramid has clear risks. Leaving out a lower level could potentially leave the athlete at risk for injury. Leaving out an upper level limits the athlete’s opportunity to achieve peak performance.

At the foundation, our Strength Training class focuses on Athletic Strength. Here we work on balance and strength, as both are needed for the athlete to increase the potential power of each stride they take. This will increase their speed, as they will have the strength and balance it takes to run faster.

The second level is Plyometric. Plyometric is a type of training designed to increase muscular power and explosive fitness. Examples of common plyometric exercises are jumping jacks, medicine ball throws and hopping. The end result is increased vertical jump performance, muscle strength, and joint protection. Our Speed and Agility training will address this and the rest of the levels of our pyramid.

The third level is Planned Stimuli Agilities. This is where we educate athletes on how best to align their bodies in game-specific movement patterns. We then practice those patterns in a pre-defined, planned sequence. This allows the athlete to practice movements and commit them to muscle memory. The movements can then be applied to game situations and allow for optimal results.

The fourth level is Unplanned Stimuli Agilities. This level allows the athlete to apply their new skills in a ‘close to game-like’ situation. The athlete must read and react to the movements of an opponent and will need to apply their new knowledge and skills in a game-like situation.

The athlete is now prepared for Peak Performance in their chosen sport. The explosive training athletes receive at Explosion will prepare them to achieve their personal athletic best.

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