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The Field Sports Arena in Monroe

Posted on: August 1, 2019
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Sand Volleyball, Sand Training, Adult & Athlete, Training in Monroe!

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Transformation Challenge

Explosion Transformation Challenge!   Looking to trim down and get lean in 2019? What better way to get started than with a little healthy competition.   $25 Participation fee gets you signed up. Then submit a "before" photo no later than read more …

Body Physique Pictures

Interested in taking some before and after photos of your physical progress?   Here are some tips and tricks we like...   There may be a bunch of reasons why you would take before and after photos. Maybe you have big goals to lose a certain read more …

"Why am I so sore?"

Posted on: October 3, 2018
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Do you ever wonder, "Why am I so sore?"

There are many side effects that are a result of exercise; enhanced mood, feeling of accomplishment, it can leave you energized, it can help physically in numerous ways, but there is also the risk of becoming sore. Becoming sore from lifting is normal and can be a pain in the butt (quite literally), but there is good news when it comes to this soreness; it gets better and you won’t always get sore. I will try to explain without going into too much detail what happens to cause this soreness and what will help alleviate it.
The first step to this soreness is when you load the muscles more than they are used to, this causes the muscle fibers to sustain microtears. These muscles will then go into a 1-3 day process of repairing these tears, and while this happens many of the muscle fibers are in a shortened position. When the muscle fibers go into this shortened position it is likely you will feel tightness, this can be relieved by soft tissue work (such as foam rolling) or light exercise, with the main purpose being to get the muscle fibers back to their normal resting length. This will alleviate some of the tightness or soreness from the muscles, however the microtears will need time to heal. The benefit to this is that once those microtears heal the muscle will be stronger than it was before, so it will take more work for the body to sustain those microtears.
In short: you will likely get sore, and you can alleviate some of the soreness with movement and intentional tissue work, but time and consistency are your friends. The more consistent you are with working out the less sore you will become, all the while reaping in many off the positive benefits of exercise.

Written by Taylor Germany
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You Need An Accountability Partner

You Need an Accountability Partner   Setting a new goal for yourself and sticking to it might be one of the most difficult struggles if you're on your own. However, when you are no longer accountable just for yourself the dynamics read more …

6-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Need to lose some weight? Let us help you succeed!

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Keeping Your Training on Track: Part 2

Keeping Your Training on Track Part Two: How to Commit to Your Goal Written by Taylor Germany   Make it a Habit Now that you have clearly set your goal by using the S.M.A.R.T Method, you need to make steps in achieving your goal. Make your goal a read more …

Keeping Your Training on Track: Part 1

Keeping Your Training on Track Part One: The S.M.A.R.T Method Written by Taylor Germany   Most of us at one time or another have decided to get in shape. Once that decision had been made we then started going to the gym, eating healthier, getting read more …

6 Week Weight Loss Program

6 Week Weight Loss Program The goal is to lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks. If you accomplish this, you will earn your money credited back to your account. For just $199, you can participate in this challenge to lose weight and feel sexy.  Starts January read more …

What is next?

“Where do I go from here?” Have you met your current goals, and are now wondering, “what’s next?”   Imagine if you just lost those last 30lbs, and you are feeling on top of the world!!! Well, what is next for read more …

Holiday Hustle

Join us in this abbreviated challenge where the goal is to help you lose inches! 

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Cincinnati Baseball School

Posted on: October 28, 2016
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CHRISTMAS CAMPS  FOR BOYS AND GIRLS (FAST PITCH)  AGES 5 TO 18 Give your child the gift of baseball with a holiday camp experience they won’t soon forget! For 30 years, Cincinnati Baseball School has offered the number one Christmas camp in read more …


Posted on: September 12, 2016
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Powerlifting Competitions   Explosion Fitness trainers, Joey Robertson and Tom Rabold are powerlifters. I spoke with Tom today to find out what that means, but today we’re going to focus on the Powerlifting Competitions and save all the read more …

Summer Schedule Begins Tuesday!

Posted on: May 23, 2016
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Summertime at Explosion and High School Camps Announced With Memorial Day, we begin the official start of summer! Our summer schedule adds classes during the day while keeping the evening classes, so everyone has time to get in shape and stay in shape! Here read more …

September Challenge Results

Posted on: November 20, 2015
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September Challenge Results are in! There are only losers in our challenges, as everyone lost body weight and body fat! And in this case, losers are actually winners! We had 17 people in the September Challenge with ages ranging from 23 - 64. The boot camps read more …

Bishop Fenwick High School Accomplishments in Fall Sports, 2015

Posted on: October 28, 2015
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See how training with Explosion Fitness has helped Bishop Fenwick High School's fall sports teams!

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Inverted Rows

Posted on: April 20, 2015
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Exercise of the Month: Inverted Bodyweight Rows               By Explosion Trainer, Tom Rabold   I’m a huge fan of compound exercises, and love exercises that don’t read more …

Shape Up For Summer

Posted on: April 3, 2015
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Shape Up For Summer                     May 1 – May 31 Free to join and easy to win! You will be given a packet showing what exercises you will be doing each boot camp, small group, read more …

Soccer, Emily Miller

Posted on: August 26, 2014
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Emily Miller: Specialty Soccer Trainer  Currently coaching soccer for Lakota East High School and Cincinnati United, Emily has been playing soccer from the age of 3. She played for various clubs throughout her youth, and then for Lakota East in high read more …

Yoga and YoMo

Posted on: August 22, 2014
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Specialty Training: Yoga and YoMo As a former college running back for Otterbein University, Explosion Fitness trainer Joey Robertson knows what it feels like to train hard. He started playing soccer in first grade, changing to football in third grade. read more …

Soccer, Brad Specht

Posted on: July 25, 2014
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Specialty Soccer Training: Brad Specht Being a soccer player requires a certain amount of talent. Being a great soccer player requires a lot of hard work along with that talent! Our trainer, Brad Specht, realized at a young age that he had some talent for read more …


Posted on: July 18, 2014
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Caroline Raker: Baseball/Softball Specialist Caroline has been involved in softball since first grade! While she likes playing first base and outfield, she started pitching in the sixth grade and kept going through college. Her love for the game grew and read more …

Specialty Training: Therapeutic Exercise

Posted on: June 17, 2014
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Specialty Therapeutic Exercise: Matt Schaber  Explosion trainer, Matt Schaber, knows how Therapeutic Exercise works from both sides! As a student athlete participating in basketball and karate, Matt was injured in ways that required therapeutic read more …