What is next?

“Where do I go from here?”

Have you met your current goals, and are now wondering, “what’s next?”


Imagine if you just lost those last 30lbs, and you are feeling on top of the world!!! Well, what is next for you...?

What is next?


This is a question that stumps a lot of people. So, how do you decide on your next goal?


So often, we create visual goals for ourselves. “If I lose 5lbs, then I can look sexy in this new dress.” Or, “I need to pack on some muscle to look more swole.” And although visual goals are all fine and dandy, what happens once you achieve them? There truly isn't much more you can do. This is where you need to start changing your visual goals into performance goals. Some basic performance concepts that you could build a goal around are movement/flexibility, strength, speed, and sport.


But how do you determine what your goal is. The easiest advice on this is to think simply.


Let's say you just lost 30lbs, and you are feeling and looking great. Your workouts are going well. You are moving better, and your strength is increasing. So what do you focus on next... how about an exercise you struggle with? Maybe this is pullups. So now, your new goal is to be able to do (X) number of pullups. Or maybe you want to get back out on the basketball court in a pickup league. No problem, we need to keep your endurance up, and keep your body healthy enough to move you up and down that court.


Maybe you need something a little larger and more exciting. Well, how about a competition? Nowadays, there are so many ways the average person can compete. Maybe it is something as simple as completing your local charity 5K or doing a marathon. Not a fan of running, but you like that simplicity... how about an obstacle course race? Still not peaking your interest. There are a ton of options: a fitness challenge, powerlifting competition, Olympic lifting competition, physique competition, fitness modeling competition, Spartan race, mudathlon, triathlon, iron man, etc. Just hop on google and search.


The thing you have to remember is as humans, we LOVE making progress. So, set a new goal, and start your work towards achieving it.


“There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself.” – Michael F. Staely