Specialty Training: Therapeutic Exercise

Posted on: June 17, 2014
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Specialty Therapeutic Exercise: Matt Schaber 

Explosion trainer, Matt Schaber, knows how Therapeutic Exercise works from both sides! As a student athlete participating in basketball and karate, Matt was injured in ways that required therapeutic exercise. After going through the ther. ex. process, he was able to continue his athletic career playing basketball for Fairfield High School.

Therapeutic Exercise is different from normal training. Where a normal training class will cover the broad aspect of cardio, strength, balance and flexibility, therapeutic exercise will focus on individual and specific issues related to an injury, pain or inhibited movement.

The most important part of therapeutic exercise is the interactive, completely unique approach and design of the training. Because our bodies are unique, our trainers can’t use the same approach from one person to the next, even if the injury is the same. It’s their job to figure out how to get each person’s body back to a healthy, strong condition so they can continue with their fitness goals and sports careers.

There are times an injury seems simple, but the trainer can help identify the actual source of the pain. An example of this could be lower back pain, which could stem from collapsing arches or just be a tight gluteal muscle among other things. Matt and our other professional trainers know the ins and outs of all this because of their extensive training, knowledge in biomechanics and the anatomy/physiology of the body.

Having an injury is no fun. Whether your knee pain is preventing you from playing in the game or going up and down stairs, our trainers are here to help. We can be the first step in helping with a minor pain or a continuing step after physical therapy. Just call us at 870-0203 or email us at info@explosionfitnesssolutions.com to find out how we can help you.