Shape Up For Summer

Posted on: April 3, 2015
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Shape Up For Summer             

       May 1 – May 31

Free to join and easy to win! You will be given a packet showing what exercises you will be doing each boot camp, small group, partner or personal training session for the month of May. Keep track of your reps and weight to see how you progress during the month.

Lots of Chances to Win a Personal Training Session!

  •  Person who attended the most sessions
  •  Largest % of Body Fat Lost, Men and Women (Skinfold Caliper Test)
  •  Largest % of Weight Lost, Men and Women

Everyone is a winner because you’ll be in shape for summer!

 We are asking participants to commit to one month of doing your best to eat right and exercise as much as possible to obtain your goal(s) of:

[  ]       Losing Weight

[  ]       Toning Muscles

[  ]       Losing Fat

[  ]       Other __________________________________________________________________


T-shirt?        Yes     No      Cost: $20     S          M        L         XL       XXL    ($20 to be paid by 5/2)



-       Contest begins at assessment.

-       Assessment:

  • Weight, Skinfold Caliper Test (for fat %). Both done at Explosion.
  • Assessments will take place April 27 – May 2 because of the time it takes to complete the Skinfold Caliper Test.
  • To be assessed, make an appointment with Head Trainer, Emily Miller by calling or texting 513.460.6792.

-       Sessions Attended Chart:

  • Begins Friday, May 1 and continues to May 30.
  • Chart will be hanging in the weight room. Find your name and put a ‘star’ inside the square that corresponds to your name and date. (Gold stars will be available in the weight room for this purpose.

-       Packets of exercises for the month will be handed out at Assessment.

  • There will be spaces for you to enter the weight you are using and the reps completed where applicable. This is available so you can see your progression throughout the month.

-       If you are not already training at Explosion Fitness Solutions, you will need to fill out an online waiver. To do this, simply go to, click on Programs. Go to the bottom left side and click on Forms/Special Events to fill out the health history/liability waiver.


How to Shape Up for Summer:

-       Sign up and get ready to get in shape!

-       Commit to doing your best to eat healthy, portion controlled meals and exercising  4-6 times each week. The more you exercise/train, the more calories you can burn.

-       Come to Explosion for your training sessions 10 minutes early.

  • Put your star on the Sessions Attended Chart.
  • Do your glute activation exercises and any other warm up exercises you’ve been doing at Explosion.
  • Take your packet out of the accordion file. Fill it out as you go and return to the file before leaving.

-       Be prepared to make some new, healthy habits; lose weight and fat; and have some fun training with like-minded people.

-       Please call 513.870.0203 if you have any questions. We want you to succeed and will do as much as we can to make that happen!