Keeping Your Training on Track: Part 2

Keeping Your Training on Track

Part Two: How to Commit to Your Goal

Written by Taylor Germany


Make it a Habit

Now that you have clearly set your goal by using the S.M.A.R.T Method, you need to make steps in achieving your goal. Make your goal a habit and stick to it even when it isn't easy. If you establish early on that you are committed to training when it is difficult you will find that it will be easier to stay committed as you progress because it becomes habitual. This aspect of training is a common pitfall, many people will skip "one" workout and then it becomes two and three...etc. and then they have fallen off their program all together. One way to make it a habit is to keep it on your mind. You should think about your goal, and achieving it often.


Get someone else involved

As simple as it sounds involving someone else in your fitness journey is a powerful tool. This is helpful in many different ways; it gives you someone to hold you accountable, if they are expecting you to meet them and exercise you are more likely to exercise than if you were by yourself.

It also makes the process of exercising much more pleasant and easier to push yourself; if you are having a hard day by yourself it is easy to quit early, but if someone else is pushing through it you will likely push yourself as well.


Expect Hardship, but Keep Moving

Life will hit all of us at some point or another in a way that will take us off track whether it is physical such as illness, emotional such as relational, problems or anything in between.

When this happens it is alright to take some time off to let things heal or settle down. If you have a solid base of training taking a little time off (a week or two) is not going to be detrimental to your health. However it is important to be conscientious of how much time off you are taking, because it is easy to let it snowball into far more time than necessary.


Have some fun with it

This one is straight forward, the more you enjoy something the more likely you are to stick with it.


Buy a Banana Suit

Have you ever seen anyone having a bad time while exercising in a banana suit... the answer is a resounding "NO".

So get a banana suit and you will instantly have the time of your life and be the talk of the town as your potassium powers flourish.


This list of tips and tricks is by no means comprehensive, but it does have what I believe are foundational aspects to successful training. So whether you are new to training or have been at it for years, try implementing some of these suggestions to help keep you on track. Again, please let me know if I can assist you with any of the above tips and tricks. You can email me at