Holiday Hustle

Change your circumference this Holiday Season.

Holiday Hustle

Just $69 for the challenge to lose 4” total off of your circumference.

The Holiday Hustle Challenge lasts 12 days (December 4th- December 15th). Purchasing the challenge gets you 8 thirty minute classes and a t-shirt. Each class is a pre-planned session designed specifically with aerobic conditioning and hypertrophy training to burn fat and tone muscle. 

What better way to prepare yourself for the holidays than by shedding some extra inches and looking trim.

Successfully losing those 4” will earn your money back!

Call the office to find out how you can register! 513-870-0203


*Individuals may choose to partake in fewer or more sessions than purchased with the challenge. 

**Earnings will be in the form of a credit to your account of the $69 to be used on any package.