Body Physique Pictures

Interested in taking some before and after photos of your physical progress?


Here are some tips and tricks we like...


There may be a bunch of reasons why you would take before and after photos. Maybe you have big goals to lose a certain amount of weight, or to fit into that super gaudy prom dress from the early 90's. Or maybe you are having orthoscopic surgery and are interested to see the physical changes of a healthy limb VS a surgically atrophied limb VS the progress of recovery. Or maybe you just want to see progress of your new healthy lifestyle.


Regardless of your reason, there are some key tips and tricks to capturing your best photos. He is what we suggest:


1. It is important to see as much of your body as possible. Consider wearing swim wear or tighter fitting gym clothes. For example: guys can wear gym shorts and a tighter muscle shirt (or better yet, go shirtless), ladies can wear tighter shorts or running tights and a tank top (or better yet, a sports bra). Remember, you want to see your changes, and in order to best achieve this, a little skin is best. This will allow you to see muscle tone and muscle growth, and not just generic weight loss. 


2. Make sure your background is something simple, like a plain wall. You don't want anything too distracting in the background. Your main goal is to notice YOUR physical changes, NOT the dirty bedroom in the background. 


3. We recommend these nine positions. It gives you a good selection to choose from with some varying positive visuals on your physique. Above, you can see a grid of Tom demoing the positions (obviously his clothing isn't the best choice). 
  • Facing forwards arms at your side
  • Facing forwards hands on your hips
  • Facing forwards flexing arms 
  • Facing sideways arms at your side
  • Facing sideways hands on your hips
  • Facing sideways flexing closest arm in front of you
  • Facing away arms at side
  • Facing away hands on hips
  • Facing away flexing arms 


4. When taking your photos, take a big breathe in and snap a photo. Then exhale completely and snap a photo. Take multiple photos, so you have some to chose from. 


5. We suggest taking your photo regularly in those same positions. Day 1, Day 15, Day 30, Day 45 ect. This gives you a nice picture story on your progress. And it isn't a bad idea to use the same clothing. 


A couple other tricks are things like having your hair done or freshly cut or being more tan in the after photos. Or you can opt for a straight face for the before photos, and a big smile for the after photos. These little tricks are a way to cheat the picture into looking like a more dramatic change has happened. We recommend staying as natural as possible. Let your results speak for themselves.  Bit that is up to you.