You Need An Accountability Partner

You Need an Accountability Partner
Setting a new goal for yourself and sticking to it might be one of the most difficult struggles if you're on your own. However, when you are no longer accountable just for yourself the dynamics change.
If you have a partner, or a group of friends, that sets a goal, your chances of success are greatly improved. You don't ever want to let yourself down, but if it's just you involved, it's easier to rationalize and say "oh well it's just me, nobody will know". But if you have accountability from friends, you are no longer just letting yourself down, you're letting your friends down too. To do that is much more difficult.
The moments where you are feeling like you want to quit, that is where your friends will pick you back up, and it will be a turning point in your progress. Not to mention pursuing a goal with friends is so much more fun! You get to enjoy this experience with people you enjoy being around and helps builds a stronger bond and increases your chance of success!
So if you don't have a friend with you on this journey yet, I know you can meet one in class, or bring one with you. Or if you have your accountability partner already, find a friend who you know could benefit from your accountability and bring them along too!
Written by Matt Schaber