Yoga and YoMo

Posted on: August 22, 2014
Tags: Specialty training

Specialty Training: Yoga and YoMo

As a former college running back for Otterbein University, Explosion Fitness trainer Joey Robertson knows what it feels like to train hard. He started playing soccer in first grade, changing to football in third grade. Continuing with football through college, he was also on the Fenwick High School track team, lettering all four years.

A natural athlete, Joey understands how much stress the body gets put through during training, practices and games. In college, Joey started to research recovery techniques that could help him perform at his highest level. He found that all roads led to Yoga. He started to take a yoga class every Sunday to help his body recover for the upcoming week and quickly realized how great his body felt after doing just a few classes. He was rested, recovered, and was able to move better than ever. There was even improvement in his performance on the field.


Once Joey started training at Explosion, he realized there was potential for a Yogi. He received his RYT-200 certification early in 2014 and started teaching Yoga for Explosion Fitness shortly after. The classes filled up quickly just by word of mouth. Joey had a few people start that were already working out with Explosion. They felt great and found they were better able to workout the following week. They told their friends, and soon classes were filling up.


Being an athlete before training in yoga has its benefits. As Joey thought about how athletes could get more out of their yoga time, he thought about incorporating more mobility work in with the yoga. He came up with a new class combining traditional yoga poses and active mobility circuits that prime the body and improve movement patterns and flexibility. YoMo is a class that includes active mobility circuits where he puts the body in active situations moving through to mobility work. This increases range of motion, reduces injury and helps clients be their best on the field. YoMo is great for competition, preparation and recovery.

With Joey’s education, training, experience and passion, he is a great trainer and yogi. You can count on him to help you with your training goals. Whether you are looking for general training, strength training or wanting to practice yoga or YoMo, Joey can help you figure out what’s best for you. Just give us a call at 870-0203 or send an email to