What is Food?

Posted on: November 21, 2016
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Trainer, coach and Explosion Fitness Associate Owner, Emily Miller is helping Explosion with the nutritional side of healthy living by working toward her Practical Nutrition certificate. She already has two clients utilizing her nutritional services. Her blogs are geared toward the general public, but she has much more knowledge to share If you need help with any type of nutrition, let us know and we'll put you in touch with her. Here is her first nutrition blog:

Ask yourself, "What is food?"

Can you answer it? Is your answer something like "fuel", or "sustenance"? Food is what we eat to help keep us alive, right? 
Well, you are right. Food is what fuels our bodies, but it is also so much more than that. Food is information. When we eat, we are delivering messages and signals to our bodies, "do this" or "don't do this", "release these chemicals" or "suppress that hormone", etc. The food we ingest acts as individuals on an assembly line, doing various small jobs as a part of a larger process. 
But food is also smart. Food tells a story, both a chemical story and a story about people. Think about it, how we eat, where we eat, and what we eat tell stories about who we are, what we think about, and what's important to us. There are a lot of different food people: 
  • I am sophisticated. I am a "foodie".
  • I am a thoughtful consumer. I frequent farmers' markets. 
  • I am from (insert ethnicity/region/origin) and proud.
  • I am the social hub for my family and friends. Come over Sunday for dinner. 
  • I am low maintenance, my fridge is empty. Let's grab something on the go. 
  • I am a caregiver. I love you, so I will cook for you. 
Every decision you make about the food you eat affects you in some manner. Making smart choices this holiday season will help your body to function at its healthiest and allow your body to burn the energy it needs to, and only keep the amount of energy it needs to function properly. Keep in mind though, Energy In < Energy Out is not the only thing that help you lose body weight or maintain body weight. An active and healthy lifestyle is a HUGE part to maintaining an all around healthy body.