Transformation Challenge

Explosion Transformation Challenge!


Looking to trim down and get lean in 2019? What better way to get started than with a little healthy competition.


$25 Participation fee gets you signed up. Then submit a "before" photo no later than February 1st. Spend the next few months transforming your body. Submit an "after" photo no later than May 1st. Once the photos are submitted, there will be a public vote for the winner. Recruit as many friends and family members as possible to vote for you! It is that simple. 


The grand prize is a Split the Pot earning. You can choose to take the 50% as a credit to your account here at Explosion, or take 35% as a cash payout.


The more people we get to participate in this challenge, the bigger the payout! So ask your friends to compete with you. 


Contact the office to get registered. 513-870-0203. And take a look at this article for the proper technique for photos.