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Posted on: August 26, 2014
Tags: Specialty training

Emily Miller: Specialty Soccer Trainer 

Currently coaching soccer for Lakota East High School and Cincinnati United, Emily has been playing soccer from the age of 3. She played for various clubs throughout her youth, and then for Lakota East in high school. Emily was a member of the Ohio South ODP State team, Region II ODP team and an ODP National Pool Player. In college at the University of Dayton, she not only played on the team, but also worked as a camp trainer for UD and coached with CUSA (in Centerville, OH) for six years.

Emily has had a life focused on soccer, which is only one reason she is qualified to train up-and-coming soccer players. Her degree in Exercise Science along with her F and E license for youth soccer provides the rest. After working with 3-21 year olds on soccer related skills and being a soccer trainer since 2006, Emily is definitely qualified to help take your soccer player to the next level. 

Coaching Philosophy

Emily believes soccer is very much like life. You must be both prepared and capable of “making it on your own,” but fully aware that you do not have to. Soccer is a team sport, and therefore she coaches her players to be team players. You will be good on the ball, you will be good off the ball and you will be great as a team. “Football is simple. But the hardest thing is to play football in a simple way.” – Johan Cruyff

Soccer Specific Training is like being at soccer practice, but being one-on-one with the trainer.  The whole point of soccer specific training is to focus on your soccer skills. Emily will first assess your strengths and areas that need help, then you work. Emily focuses on tactical and technical skills that will make you a better soccer player, not just a better athlete.

Soccer specific training works hand-in-hand with speed/agility and strength training. You really need to have the skills we work on in these classes as well because they will make you a better athlete. Soccer is a complex sport that requires you to have speed to get to the ball, agility so your body can quickly move in the right direction and strength to play well to the end of the game. When you work on all of this at one time, you train for success. The soccer specific training helps to perfect your skills and even teach you some new ones!

It would be hard to find someone as dedicated to soccer and fitness as Emily. She has the experience, knowledge and personality to bring out the best in all her clients. If you would like to talk with Emily about your soccer player and their specific needs, please call 870-0203 or email her at