New Year, New Me Challenge!

Posted on: December 15, 2014
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New Year, New Me Challenge                 

What:       Get In Shape with Explosion Fitness Solutions

When:      January 1 – January 31, 2015

Cost:         $10 plus the cost of the classes you take and the Advocare

                  nutritional products you choose to use. Advocare products must be

                  ordered by 12/22/14. Payment is due with your order.

How It Works:

We will assess everyone prior to the first boot camp on January1st at 10:00am. We’ll then assess you again on January 31. The top three people who lose the highest percentage of their body weight will win a prize (in addition to your jeans fitting better).

Fitness:  5-Day Boot Camp Challenge, January 1 – January 5:

Thursday, 10:00am     Friday, 6:30 pm      Saturday, 8:30am     Sunday, 1:00pm        Monday, 6:30 pm     

*Those who complete all 5 classes will receive a FREE Explosion Fitness Solutions T-Shirt! Continue working out a total of 5 days each week to get the most out of your Challenge.                                

Nutrition: AdvoCare Products. Choose the one that works for you! (Opt.)*

10-Day Cleanse                  $76.40      Basic Challenge         $190.25

Better Challenge:             $235.20      Best Challenge          $330.15

*See below for what is included in the Challenges.

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AdvoCare Nutritional Products:

The reason we are offering AdvoCare products with the challenge is because we, as trainers, along with some of our clients have been using the products since August with great results. We each have favorite supplements and flavors, but all agree that they are worth the price because of the results achieved!


Here’s what is included in each Challenge: 

10-Day Cleanse:   Herbal Cleanse (fiber drinks and supplements), $76.40

Basic Challenge:   Herbal Cleanse, Spark, 2 boxes (drink), Meal Replacement Shakes (14), 1 Omegaplex, MNS Formula,  $190.25

Better Challenge: Basic Challenge, Meal Replacement Shakes (14), $235.20                                 

Best Challenge:     Better Challenge, Meal Replacement Shakes (14), Catalyst (2), Thermoplus, $330.15


Additional Classes Available at Explosion:         Cost: $10/class

Ball Bike: The highest calorie burn of any workout! Ride on air without discomfort or injury.                                                                                 (Taught by an Explosion Trainer)

Dance Aerobics: Burn calories and tone muscle through simple, yet effective dance routines. Fun and high energy, dance to be fit! (Taught by Dance Aerobics teacher)

Zumba: A fitness dance party with a contagious blend of Latin and International rhythms. (Taught by Zumba instructor)                                   


1st Place:      One-Hour Massage and half of the “Pot”  ($10 registration fee) 

2nd Place:      $75 certificate for AdvoCare products and Explosion Shaker Bottle

3rd Place:      Explosion Kit #1 from The Fitness Store