Before I started at Explosion, my focus was only on cardio I and didn’t think much about anything else.  I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted and was at a plateau for a long time.  I passed the sign for Explosion in Fairfield every day, so I checked out their website to see what they were all about.  I decided to sign up online after reading the member testimonials and about the programs that they offered.  A trainer called shortly thereafter and since that moment my mindset, my goals, and my abilities in the gym changed for the better.

One thing that I had to realize was that everyone has a different starting point.  The trainers did an excellent job of gauging where I was and helping me progress from there.  I wanted to try and keep up with everyone that had been going there for months, but the trainers kept me in check and made sure I progressed at a safe rate so that I wouldn’t injure myself. 

The workouts are always different, and the trainers always find new ways to push me and test my limits.  I have worked with almost every trainer with Explosion and I have never had a negative experience.  Each one of them brings something new to the table.  I couldn’t thank each of them enough for how much they have helped me.  I have learned so much from understanding my limits to completing each exercise with proper form, and to keep pushing to better myself. 

The biggest thing that stands out with Explosion is how much each trainer cares.  Since the first day I started, I have felt welcomed by both the trainers and the other members of Explosion.  It feels like a family in the gym and it is always growing.  Everyone supports one another.  We are all at explosion for a reason, and the support from each person helps me push myself even more.  We work hard and have a good time doing it! 

I have new goals now that I know what I can do thanks to Explosion, and know that I will achieve them because of how much Explosion cares about my progress and my well-being.  They have had a huge impact on my life and I will be a lifetime member because of what they do and how they do it.

Chris Johnson


After an injury at work eight and a half years ago I struggled to find a type of workout that didn’t leave me in pain and feeling defeated. Throughout the years I have tried different personal trainers who all claimed to know about my injury and how to work through it only to end up in pain after a few weeks. I began working out with Alex in October and after just our initial session could tell this would be a better fit, he listened to what I said regarding the things that had/hadn’t worked in the past and tailored workouts to ensure I wasn’t hurting myself further. He helped me work through a variety of pain points in the beginning and have gotten to a place where I feel stronger, pain-free AND have been able to get back to running!  I am looking forward to my first 5k in nine years and it wouldn’t have been possible without his help!

Maria Tschuor

What I like most about Explosion is the personalized attention you receive from the trainers, even if you are training in a group session. I used the excuse of a couple of surgeries/injuries to avoid coming back to the gym and when my weight finally reached a point of concern, I reached out to Emily for help. She was able to create a program that worked around my injuries, but that still kept me involved within the groups I was working out with.

As a result, I have never been in better shape in my life. For the May challenge alone I was able to lose 15 lbs and 23% of my body fat. Having a trainer that truly cares about your well-being along with others that may be in your workout group makes me look forward to every workout I go to at Explosion. No matter where you are, there's a trainer and a program that will work well for you if you will just put forth the effort.

Rick Montgomery

Trainer Emily Miller with Kevin Simon

In March 2013, my wife, Dana, expressed concern about my health. She thought that between the stress of my job and my lack of exercise, I was putting myself at long-term risk. She recommended a session with Emily Miller of Explosion Fitness, her trainer and gym. Since Dana is a health care professional, I agreed to try it. I still remember how nervous I was going into that session, and sore after.

Twenty-some months later, I regularly workout with Emily and Dana, and that is a highlight of my week. I have also worked out with most of the other trainers at Explosion Fitness. I feel better, stronger, and more agile than I have in decades. In addition, I have found that exercise is the perfect stress relief for me as my training sessions are the only times when I never think about the office.

I recommend Explosion Fitness Solutions, Emily and the other trainers there without hesitation or reservation.

Kevin V. Simon

"So, here's the thing. I train at Explosion 6 days a week with Trainer, Emily Miller. I do 4 personal training sessions, 1 boot camp and 1 partner session every week. I know Emily has the entire week's workout planned in advance, but here's the selling point. 

I was a Division I soccer player. I have several sport ending injuries that affect me differently every day. I show up for my personal training sessions straight from work and know I have Emily there just for me for one hour. She is confident, but not arrogant. She is able to adapt each session as needed. The boot camp session is more social with other boot campers, but it is still adaptable for individuals. The partner session is the 6th day of my training, being more for my husband, so Emily adapts as the session progresses because I am unpredictable physically. There are no one-size-fits-all at Explosion! That's what Explosion has done for me!

PS: I feel alive again wellness-wise. Emily cares not only about my training, but my overall wellness (diet, life challenges, etc.)"

Dana Simon

Explosion Fitness Solutions client since 2012

"Hey just wanted to email and let you know what Explosion has done for me.
Without Explosion I would not have been able to make my college soccer team, and probably not even my high school team. Even though I usually complained about certain lifts or basically anything that has to do with speed and agility I really do love it, and it has definitely made me a better athlete. I have learned from Explosion that you are only going to get out of things the amount of effort you put in, which has helped me to be successful in school, soccer, and relationships.
I am going to school for physical therapy, but my major is exercise science, and the things that I learned at Explosion help me so much in class! I am in a strength and conditioning class currently, and I can lift with better posture and form than just about everyone in my class, including a lot of the guys, which is really funny and awesome because I can help people to improve their form to prevent injury. Also, because all of the trainers at Explosion are very big on making sure you are doing the lift correctly, my practicals are so much easier because I know what I should be looking for and I am comfortable explaining the lifts and coaching people through them.
I am far from a good lifter and I still have so much more to learn, but I wouldn't be where I am today without Explosion." 
Chelsea Swanson

The May Summer Shape-Up Challenge was a great idea and helped me meet my fitness goals: reduce body fat %, improve endurance and build strength. I liked the progression of workouts and was surprised how well I did in the final week (toughest challenges). I liked the way the program focused on specific goals that I set for myself, and was supported by a choice of eating plans. I liked the workout tracking sheets so I could see my progress and compete against myself. I met my goals and think I'll be able to maintain and build on the progress. It was a great experience and I'm looking forward to the next one!

Mark Hartinger, client since 2012

Hey y'all, just talked to Coach Wheeler earlier today and caught up a little. Just shooting you guys a quick email to share some stuff about rugby at Ole Miss so you can boast about it at Explosion.

- Starter at "Hooker" position in the fall.

- Started at "Fullback" position in the spring.

-Scored first collegiate try against Auburn in the fall.

- Rookie of the Year 2014-2015

- Recruiting/Marketing Chairman

One more thing y'all can boast about is your injury prevention. I stayed injury free all year long while playing college rugby. I'm confident that the skills I learned at Explosion helped me stay healthy. Keep up the hard work at Explosion, and best of luck in your future endeavors!

Michael Percy

"I am 13 years old and I've been training at Explosion for 5 months now, and come 4 days a week. I like training at Explosion because there are good trainers and fun workouts."                                                        Ryan Brown

Client 2014 - 2015

"I have been training at Explosion Fitness for the last 4 years, and come 4 - 5 days each week. I love coming here for lots of reasons like the trainers are wonderful. The program is helpful and intense and is really helping me. The trainers and other people training make working hard fun without any 'meanies'."               Emilee Boggs, 17 years old

Client from 2012 - 2015

Dave, FBI Special Agent

I first got introduced to the Explosion Fitness team after incurring a severe sports injury to my hip and spine. I went from running 7 miles a day to not being able to walk to the mailbox. After receiving post-hospital care, I began receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Joe Lindeman at Elite Chiropractic. I was in a lot of pain and it was nice to have a very affirming, genuine person treating me. Dr. Joe always had a smile and remembered what was going on in my life. In four months, I went from severe pain to running the first quarter of the Flying Pig Marathon.

I decided to upgrade my goals and to pursue becoming a Special Agent with the FBI. They have strict physical requirements and I had a long way to go. I began training with Matt Wheeler at Explosion. Matt was a great coach that knew how to push in just the right ways. I met with Matt at 6:00 am two to three times a week, and he was positive and ready to go. In just two months, I far excelled the hiring standards.

I wanted to shoot for the stars and take myself to new personal goals. I began accelerated workouts with a different trainer at Explosion. I have never been pushed so hard and encouraged to realize my personal best. He was creative in the workouts and made them interesting. I would have to say I was stronger, faster, and more self-confident than ever in my adult life!

I thank the Explosion Fitness team for their hard work and helping me attain my personal best. Now, as a Special Agent with the FBI, I pray they may be blessed in their work and helping those in the community.