Our Team

The Explosion Fitness team is made up of many valuable people!

All our personal trainers are college educated and have a good working knowledge of the body and how the muscles work together. They come from different sports, like football, soccer, basketball, and even a marathon runner. Their different backgrounds help us accommodate all athletes as we have professional trainers, an owner/certified trainer, extreme director of operations and a marketing rep. We work together to give our clients the best fitness training experience possible.


Matt Wheeler obtained his degree in Applied Science with a focus in Health Promotion while at Cincinnati State and the University of Cincinnati. He is certified as a trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Matt has been trained and certified in many unique programs such as USAW weightlifting, Jump Stretch and Sparq® offering a more diverse sports specific program for elite athletes to enhance sports performance and prevent injury.

From professional athletes and student athletes to athletes-in-the-making and adults, Matt's extensive training career has helped the lives of hundreds of clients over the years.


Shawn Neuhaus - Explosion Fitness

Shawn Neuhaus, General Manager

As an athlete, Shawn played football and baseball in high school, then moved on to play football at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Joe Lindeman, owner of Elite Chiropractic, approached Shawn back in 2005 to work with the chiropractic office and help get his new start-up company, Explosion Fitness Solutions up and running.

Shawn is now the general manager at Explosion, where he is responsible for day-to-day operations. He has coached football and baseball at the middle and high school level, and in 2014 turned his coaching skills to Pee Wee Football in Mason. He also participates in classes here at Explosion Fitness when his wife drags him in.

Emily Miller, Performance Specialist

Certifications: CPR, NHSA, First Aid, Coaching E, and F Concussion

Education: Lakota East High School; University of Dayton, B.S., Exercise Science; ongoing education through Explosion Fitness.

Also Working As Head Girl’s Soccer Coach, Lakota East High School

Favorite Exercise: My favorite exercise is Pick-Ups, which focus on the glutes. Pick-Ups work the hip hinge and are a knee-dominated exercise that is also great for athletes in their power angle.

I am a Trainer: I thought about Physical Therapy but decided I didn’t want to fix a broken body. Instead, I want to prevent the body from breaking.

Specialties: Personal Training, Upper-Level Athletes, Therapeutic Exercise, Partner Training, Small Group Soccer

Matt Schaber, Performance Specialist 

Education: Fairfield High School; University of Kentucky, BS in Exercise Science/ Physiology; Continuing education in Exercise Science, Physiology, Biomechanics, and Athletic Training, CPR

Also Working As Strength and conditioning coach, Fenwick High School

Favorite Exercise: My favorite exercise is the Knee High Deadlift. I love this exercise because it is a safe exercise, it is a great transition to explosiveness in any sport and you get full-body strengthening and stability.

Specialties: General Fitness Classes, Kettle Bell, Knee Injuries, Power Lifting, Spinal Injuries, Therapeutic Exercise, Boot Camp, Volleyball Athletes, Basketball Athletes, and Sports Injuries

Tom Rabold, Performance Specialist

Certifications: CPR, Adult, and Child

Education: Lakota West High School; Cincinnati State, Associates Degree in Health and Fitness; ongoing education through Explosion Fitness  

Favorite Exercise: I love any squat variation. The squat is a basic human movement. Not only is it a great exercise, but it is also a tool I use to assess dysfunction. Squats can tell you so many things about the knees, ankles and more. I can see where there are problems just by watching the movement.

I am a Trainer: I developed my passion for fitness during my senior year of high school football. I loved my strength and conditioning coach because he inspired me to become a coach. I also love training. I love to work hard and I love how it makes me feel!

Specialties: General Fitness Classes, Knee Injuries, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Shoulder Injuries, Therapeutic Exercise

See Tom's article on Powerlifting. http://www.explosionfitnesssolutions.com/programs/powerlifting-%5C-olympic-lifting-5/

Taylor Germany, Performance Specialist

Certifications: CPR

Education: Home School, Miami University; B.S. Exercise Science, ongoing continuing education.

Also Working As Trainer for Cincinnati Christian School

Favorite Exercise: I am a big proponent of squats. Not only is it a basic movement that is used in everyday life, but it is also a great exercise for athletes as well because squats strengthen many of the muscle groups essential to generating power.

I am a Trainer: As someone who has been surrounded by sports my entire life, I developed an appreciation for fitness when I was young. Since then I have seen the value of training as preventative medicine for both athletes and the general population; it is easier to prevent injuries than recover from them.

Specialties: Cross Country, Endurance Athletes, General Fitness, Weight Loss

See Taylor's blog on running. 



Education: Cincinnati Christian School, Ohio Northern University, B.S., Exercise Science

Also Working As Assistant Varsity Soccer Coach at Fairfield High School, Cincinnati Soccer School Coach.

I am a TrainerI love the worlds of soccer and fitness and combining the two. Because I also work as a Personal Trainer, I like helping all people of all ages to reach their fitness goals. 

Specialties: "Because I've played soccer since I was about 8, I specialize in training soccer athletes. At Explosion, I lead Soccer Specific Personal Training, Soccer Specific Small Groups, and the HIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) classes."