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Planks for Fitness, Sports Performance and More

October 10, 2016

Planks: Great for Fitness

All planks help with stretching, building muscle, strengthening the core, and even balance. At Explosion, we start with the basic front and side planks. Variations are added as clients reach a point where their form is good and they need variety to keep improving. Some variations are:

-       Front Planks

  • Reaching
  • Feet on slide board
  • Arms on slide board
  • Feet and Arms on slide board
  • Marching
  • Stepping out and in with feet
  • Using band
  • Physio ball
  • Feet and/or arms on foam roller


-       Side Planks

  • Off bench with a partner
  • Off bench with a band
  • Arm up bending underneath body
  • Top foot raised steady
  • Top foot perpetual motion
  • Using a weight


More benefits of performing planks:

  1. Can be done in gym or at home (if you have worked previously with a trainer)
  2. No weight needed.
  3. Can achieve results in a shorter time span.
  4. Engage all major core muscle groups.
  5. Increased ability to lift heavier weights.
  6. Improved sports performance.
  7. Improved jumping
  8. More stable side bending and waist twisting
  9. Decrease risk of back injury

10. Reduces back pain.

11. Boost in metabolism

12. Burn more calories than crunches or sit-ups.

13. Improve posture

14. Improve balance

15. Increases flexibility 

Ask one of our trainers how you should start incorporating planks into your exercise program. Ask them to assess you as you plank and find out how you can improve. They’ll also let you know when you’re ready to move forward.

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